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Pro-Duck Kft is a Hungarian company, as main profile seller of fattened duck and goose meat, including foie gras.  In addition, we can also supply other poultry products for example:  chicken and turkey.

An important part of our products are produced by ourselves and slaughtered by a reputable slaughterhouse.  Therefore we have an overview on all parts of the production, we can serve at the needs of the customer in any way.  My family has been producing fattened ducks and geese for 3 generations, the fact that I've worked next to my parents on the production side, has also been of great importance.  By using this knowledge, I came to the commercial side.  What I have been doing now since 2009.  The first three years our products have only been sold in the domestic market, since 2012 we have expand our business to the foreign market as well, as for now 80% of the company turnover comes from exports; for example: France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands and Far East.  It is very important to us that we can keep our word with regard to the agreed things and not that agreements are made which we can not keep later on, this applies to the quality, quantity and delivery of goods.  Of course, we also expect the same from our partners!

Our company can completely serve to customer requirements, quality and delivery terms, even a restaurant in Japan or Taiwan the products are delivered within 4 days.

Further in the menu, you can find more detailed presentation of our products.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

Regards: PRO-Duck KFT.