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The difference between a roasting duck and fattened duck.

The fattened duck’s properties, may be formulated as advantages compared to other varieties:

The free-range duck and goose are ready for slaughter around 6 weeks, while they have eaten only artificially food produced by the manufacturer.  In contrast to the fattened duck which 9 weeks, will get a similar food supply, which includes crushed natural product - but in larger amounts.

Then comes the process that causes the most striking difference between the two types of ducks.

2-2,5 weeks during the feeding program, the fattened duck will exclusively be fed with corn.

During this intense and artificial feeding, the organism is cleaned so that the composition, the quality, the taste and the meat is completely changed, so this is far from comparable to free-range duck.

Therefore this has become a specialty, such as truffles or caviar.

As in Hungary, the number of hours of sunshine is very high, the respective nutritional value increases in grains and vegetables, so the flavor is excellent.  And because the fattened duck is fed with this, the Hungarian foie gras has such special flavor.

Many people think that duck fattening is animal cruelty, but the same process can be observed in nature when the animals swallow 200-300gr pieces of food or even whole fish.