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We produce most of our products ourselves and process them in our own slaughterhouse, while maintaining high quality standards. Thanks to this we have an insight into all stages of production, so we can serve any customer’s request. In our FSSC-certified factory, we make all raw meat products with high expertise and competence.



My family has been raising fattened ducks and geese since 3 generations, I have worked on the production side with my parents too. Then with this knowledge I started working on the commercial side since 2009. The first 3 years I only concentrated on the domestic market, but since 2012 our company started exporting abroad, and by 2016 80% of our sales profit came from export sales (f.e. France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Far East).

It is extremely important, that we can fulfill the discussed matters with our partners and not to agree on certain things we cannot accomplish. This applies to quality, quantity and also the transport of goods. However, we expect the same from our partners of course.

We can comply almost any customer’s need, both in quality and in terms of delivery. For example, we can ship products to Japan or Taiwan within 4 days.

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